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It's time to experience a modern day Halo Clan.

The S.O.R Experience:

Project Network

Joining a new group can be daunting, here in S.O.R we pride ourselves with connecting with new members and making them feel like home. We have created numerous ways for brand new faces to fit right here in S.O.R! 

The Core Of A Halo "Clan"

At the end of the day, clans are spaces for gamers to find others with common interests and passions. In S.O.R we want to empower you to find friends, make memories and most importantly enjoy Halo.

Variety Of Events

From Raids, BTB's, Exfils, 4v4 scrims, custom game nights and much much more we offer all kinds of events throughout the week for members to attend! Members are only required to attend at minimum 3 hours of events/recruitments a week.

Your Experience Here Matters

If you put in the effort you will see results here. We believe every member should have the right to speak up whenever they are uncomfortable or feel like they are not getting recognized. Just because you might be a low rank does not mean you're less valuable than a member with a higher rank. All members are valuable here at S.O.R regardless of rank.

A Good Discord Server Makes Everything Easier

From making friends, to knowing the rules, to getting the latest information, our Discord Server is a vital piece of S.O.R. Without the server running, the clan would be impossible to run. We strive on making the server easy, understandable, and fun to use for all members.


"I've never really been active in the clan community until I joined S.O.R S.O.R is constantly surprising me with new things to do and opportunities to play with so many great people. The S.O.R community is the most welcoming and fun Halo group I've played with to this date, and I plan on staying for as long as I can."
"The clan is a good place for those who want to improve. It is also a great place for those to improve their competitive skills and make new friends."
"This clan is the best I've ever been with they are very welcoming for new players and very professional with everything in general."
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