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S.O.R Foreign Policy

Is your clan/organization interested in establishing relations with The Soldiers Of Retribution? Join our Retribution Corp. Embassy Discord Server by clicking the button below!


Dealing with other organizations is a major part of being a Halo Clan. In this channel you can learn more about our foreign policy and how we determine who we should call friends in the community. 

1: Foreign Expectations:

If S.O.R plans on conducting an event, military campaign or political maneuver with another organization, we expect them to treat our members and our organization with respect and dignity. Failure to meet these expectations may result in S.O.R distancing from the said organization.

It is important that S.O.R aligns itself with other organizations that share similar values, military objectives and political influence as S.O.R.

2: Classification of a "clan/organization":

In order for a clan/organization to be treated like a clan/organization by S.O.R they can not have any of the following. 

• S.O.R requires clans/organizations to have more than 12 active members in order to be considered a clan/organization. 
• A clan/organization who do not produce their own Forge Maps will be seen as primitive and will not be considered a clan/organization. 
• Clans/organizations who have active groups/divisions/branches or any other sort of ranking/organization system on other games besides Halo: Infinite will be seen as a "Gaming Community" and not a clan/organization.
• Clans/organizations that do not use Discord as a main form of communication are not considered a clan/organization and are illegitimate.

3: Foreign Views and Beliefs:
• Non-human clans are viewed as a lesser factions to S.O.R.
• Clans that allow/encourage ddossing or network manipulation are seen as lesser factions to S.O.R and avoided by S.O.R for the safety of our members. 
• Clans that allow/encourage pulling members for war events, practice events or any other external event are seen as illegitimate.
• Clans that allow/encourage double clanning are seen as illegitimate.
• Espionage, and other subversive undermining tactics are considered acts of extreme aggression.
• Utilizing S.O.R territory without approval from The S.O.R High Council is considered considered acts of extreme aggression.

4: Foreign Standards & Expectations:

• S.O.R is neutral with all clans/organizations unless deemed hostile. 
• The S.O.R High Council understands that some Ventorians views are not the views of The Council but it is The High Council's responsibility to ensure Ventorians do not compromise relations.
• The S.O.R High Council expects all issues a clan/organization may have with S.O.R be voiced to the council.
• It is in S.O.R's best interest to have positive relations with all clans/organizations.
• Allies of S.O.R. must disclose any military or political move to S.O.R before hand. 
• Allies of S.O.R are expected to alert S.O.R leadership if a member of S.O.R joins their organization.

5: Rules Of Conduct:

When conducting an event with S.O.R these are non negotiable rules that must be followed by both S.O.R and the other party. 

• All members must be in their respective clans uniform. 
• No body disrespect, this includes but not limited to ; teabaging dead bodies, shooting dead bodies on purpose, and other forms of body disrespect. 
• 1 Observer is allowed on both sides. 
• Respectful and Professional 

6: Alliances:

S.O.R has the highest respect for our allies. We pick them very carefully and work with them to ensure the protection and safety of S.O.R as well as their clan/organization.

U.N.R - United Nordic Reich - Treaty Expires 4/12/24

7: Neutral:

These are clans/organizations that have signed naturality documents with in the pursuit to have positive relations. These do not expire unless conflict arises. 

Clan Orta
U.N.S.C Fenrir
Terra Nova

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