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It's time to experience a modern day Halo Clan. Join The Soldiers Of Retribution today!

"I’ve been in a lot of clans from reach to now they were all great but something about S.O.R just makes me feel closer to everyone in the clan, it feels like we’re all one big family and I’ve gotten a lot closer with people here than any other clan and have only been here about a year."

"This an immersive and highly active clan experience and in my opinion, is the absolute best modern clan experience, it doesn't feel behind on the times or stubbornly stagnant and is highly engaging."

"S.O.R. is everything I've been searching for in my hunt for a solid Halo clan. I've been apart of many clans/communities on various Halo games, to include Halo 5, Halo MCC, and now Halo Infinite. S.O.R. has exceeded expectations in my opinion on how a clan should be ran."

If you're interested becoming a member of S.O.R put in your Xbox Live GT, Discord and email below. A member of our Recruitment Team will reach out within 48 hours!


  • Must have a Mic.

  • Must be 14 or older.

  • Must have above 3,000 Gamerscore if on Xbox.

  • Must have Discord and join our server.

Thanks for submitting!


We will reach out to you within 48 hours! Keep an eye on your XBL and Discord account for a message from our recruitment team!

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