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Optional Trainings


Competitive Team Training

Raid Team Training

Recruitment Training

In S.O.R we also offer optional non mandatory trainings for those who want to get more out of their Halo Clan experience.

We offer the follow trainings that run weekly!

Competitive Training:


From members who never play ranked to the highest onyx's, Comp Team Training welcomes all members in S.O.R no matter your skill level. Learn callouts the best settings and the latest HCS strategies to get better at Halo Infinite.

Members who continuously show up to these trainings get the chance to go head-to-head in external 4v4's with other clans. Some of these games are streamed by Aerotonic our comp team leader! Check out the streams!

Raid Trainings:


From those hardcore Halo Reach raiders back in 2009, to never done a raid in their life. Join weekly trainings ran by our leadership to understand both basic and advanced raiding techniques on both S.O.R raid maps and community maps as well.

Recruitment Trainings:


From spotting out a troll to recruiting a massive group of close friends into S.O.R. Learn how to be an engaging, passionate and display what it truly means to be in S.O.R by attending these trainings.

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