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S.O.R Forge Maps

Made by our in house Forge Team, having aesthetically pleasing, technological advanced, functional and fun Forge maps are extremely import to us here in S.O.R. Forge maps help define organizations in game and the look and feel of the maps is what set maps out from the rest. We pride ourselves on having maps that can easily be enjoyed by all. 

S.O.R Recruitment Facility

After many years and thousands of recruits, it was time to build a brand new Recruitment Facility near Firebase Tombstone. This improved and more secured hub for inspired cadets and future Ventorians is where new members get a glimpse of S.O.R architecture, technology, and military might.

Firebase Sierra

Located near the South Poll of the planet, Firebase Sierra serves as a large warehouse for rare artifacts or latest experimental weapons, Ventorian or Alien. (Warning high concentrates of E19 detected)

Firebase Sabre

Home to experimental high explosive energy anti-air cannons. This base produces a majority of power for the planet. As such it is highly guarded to ensure the protection of other bases in the region.

Fort Avnova

Fortress Deployed deep into the Ventorian Rain Forest also known as the "Shining Forest" with the short time this base has been up, it has made 2 major break throughs in E19 research.

1: E19 is SORs strongest power source for weapons and armor. A baseball size ore of E19 is toxic enough to send any non-outfitted personnel to the sick ward for months or indefinitely. Double that it's strong enough to poison forests, habits and ecosystems. SOR Engineer Mendicant and Scientist/designer Dsolo have figured that in this particular region very small particles of E19 has been found in the soil. While very toxic in large amounts, it seems to be more than benefiting the plants and fauna. Many natives have said "irize bere peiqe" about these plants, which translates "Peace Within Nature".

2: it's very plausible with this new knowledge and perspective on E19, we can restore the Ashen fields of Troy, or regrow Peles Forest. Or even restore entire desert regions or war torn battlefields and even other planets.

Facility Paradigm

Home to experimental high explosive energy anti-air cannons. This base produces a majority of power for the planet. As such it is highly guarded to ensure the protection of other bases in the region.

Firebase Pele

Named after the Polynesian goddess of fire, Firebase Pele sits near a highly active volcano. Research here revolves around the lava generated by the planet and various lava pits that nearly surround the base. S.O.R scientists are experimenting with ways to convert the heat from a steady stream of lava to energy and power. If successful we can develop alternative weapons.

Griffins Nest

This is a scouting base around the unexplored edges of Ventos Prime. Its purpose is simple reconnaissance in unexplored territories before beginning future operations. Fireteam Contingent has been tasked to build and set up basecamp in this region.

Raven's Nest

During the year 2560 when the Banished visited Ventos Prime in search of a new home found a large planetary structure known as Firebase Sierra, Fireteam Cataclysm Leader King Remex used E19 terraforming warheads to ward off the planetary invaders. Effective, but with the cost of miles of buildable land turned into a toxic waste field.


With the avoidable destruction of our land, CleanestNine69 appointed Nico Neecs to oversee "Ravens Nest" a base designated to develop Raven Missiles for more accurate precision in turn for catastrophic terraforming warheads.

Ravens Nest located in the West distant mountain of Outpost Troy. This base serves to develop a experimental tank prototype known as Raven Tanks carrying Anti-Ballistic Missiles (AKA Project Raven). This base was expedited due to the increase of UNSC and Banished aerial raids in the year 2560 on Firebase Sierra and Firebase Pele.

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