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Hello members of the community,

We are excited to announce our victory over Hiraeth and Annuanki P.M.C. After claiming an R.O.E Victory over a rule that wasn’t in the R.O.E, Hiraeth and Annuanki forfeited the remaining 8 events. Ourselves and our allies showed up to the last 8 events and invited Annunanki P.M.C and Hiraeth leadership but they never joined. Pr1mus Dux and his racist allies were always expected to find a way out of this conflict.

We are accepting any member from Annunaki P.M.C, Syndic Enterprises, The Lost Empire, The Nova Accord and any other past organization that he lead, that is seeking refuge or alyssum from Pr1mus Dux and his manipulated leadership. Since no clan in the community should be lead this way. It’s every clans responsibility to provide a fun, and respectable atmosphere for all their members. Any and all organizations/clans that he leads in the future we will consider them illegitimate.

We want to thank our allies Untied Nordic Reich, Imperium P.M.C, as well as The Greater Cerberus Empire for their assistance in this conflict.

Thank you,

-The Soldiers Of Retribution High Council

We Shall Rain Retribution!

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