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Nordic Retribution

Today marks our 1 year alliance with the United Nordic Reich. However our friendship started in mid 2020 and since then we have work extremely closely with UNR in multiple military, espionage, and political operations to further improve our position politically and militarily.

From forming the Arc Response Committee to fight off Sentinel in 2020, to the military occupation of L.O.R for having ddossers, to the fight against Annuanki PMC in early 2021 and then again in early 2022 against Annunaki and Hireth. We have support and assisted each other in one way or another.

Described as one of the closets alliances in the community we are committed to signing another year long alliance deal with UNR.

Thank you,

-The Soldiers Of Retribution High Council

For Helsinki, For the Ihmiset, For our United Reich, We Shall Rain Retribution!

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