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Fireteam Cataclym


Our fireteam’s motto is “Burn Bright, Burn Blue,” for a reason; Everybody knows blue flames have the hottest blaze. Here in Cataclysm, we offer an infinite amount of diverse and immersive experiences tailored to your unique interests. Be it through competitive play, external events with other organizations, recruiting, expressing creativity through forge, photography, writing, and even more, we provide numerous opportunities for members of all ranks and encourage ourselves to improve both as individuals and as a team on the daily. Our ever-growing familial bond consisting of our passionate and personable members ensures close companionship in whatever it is you choose to do here in the Soldiers of Retribution. Above all, we value unity, spirit, and claiming our crown as the clan’s most cataclysmic force!

Nico Neecs - Fireteam Leader

dark lord jj - Fireteam 2IC

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