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Fireteam Aether

With a blend of old and new, a combination of skill and tactic, Aether strives for perfection. Name an event and you will find Aether. Always observant and ever learning, we shall forever improve.

Aether is all about punching up. If you seek a Fireteam with unmatched ambition, a self improving ethos, or an unshakable leadership Aether is your choice.

Aether understands that raw skill is never enough. Just as raw metal goes to the forge, so shall our members. No matter how long you stay in the forge, we will fan the flames of ambition until you reach the state you desire.

Once the metal is hammered into shape, it must cool in water. If it is too hot for too long, it will deform. People must also cool off, and take breaks from the fire so that they may stay whole.

This is the never ending cycle of improvement. This is Aether.

Fireteam Leader - Mystic#8846
2IC - ByChi343

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