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Hello members of the clan community,

Earlier this morning both Hithus and their State Enigma both announced to withdraw from the war in T.G.C.C to avoid negative press from the community.

We are please to announce victory over The Hithus Empire and their state Enigma. Ventorian military forces made short work of this “400+ member” organization who couldn’t even get 36 members online for simultaneous war events.

Leading up to this conflict, Hithus lied and manipulated the truth to fit their own narrative. We are not fond of those who spread misinformation about ourselves or our allies.

Today we proved that The Hithus Empire is nothing but an empty shell full of lies, manipulation and false promises. Organizations thinking of joining their empire should know they can’t defend themselves and won’t provide you with military support.

Thank you,

-The Soldiers Of Retribution High Council

We Shall Rain Retribution!

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