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S.O.R Response - T.R.N vs Kingdom Of Arcadia

Hello members of the community,

The conflict between our two allies has deeply unsettled us. Whenever conflict between our allies occurs we believe it ruins S.O.R’s image and foreign influence throughout the community.

We have been watching this situation carefully as it has placed S.O.R in a awkward position. Initially we planned to stay neutral in this conflict. However, after hearing from both sides we believe that this conflict has no true gain. T.R.N is declaring war on a issue that happened over a year ago. From the screenshot below you can see they are only declaring war for the purposing of just declaring it.

On April 8th, 2022 S.O.R hosted official peace talks between T.R.N and Arcadia. These talks went extremely well however leader RougeEternal was not present only other members of his high command.

The next day RougeEternal have left not only our embassy but the R.O.E server as well. This kind of behavior is not what we look for in an ally. Not only did T.R.N declare war on Kingdom Of Arcadia for a unjustified reason but they have ran away from their own conflict after they were placed in the spotlight. As of today we will be cutting off our alliance with T.R.N. and we will be pledging military support for The Kingdom Of Arcadia, until this conflict is resolved.

Thank you,

-The Soldiers Of Retribution High Council

We Shall Rain Retribution!

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