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Hello members of our embassy,

We are excited to announce that King Remex has been elected to the S.O.R High Council!

Divine Nemo will be taking his place as Fireteam Leader of Fireteam Cataclysm!

King Remex’s background in S.O.R:

Joining the clan at the end of our golden age in 2020, King Remex displayed a remarkable skill to mass recruit and connect with new members. After watching UndoneCrusty get elected into the council King Remex made his way to Fireteam 2IC and then to Fireteam Leader

King Remex would overseen the massive expansion of Fireteam Cataclysm . From Cataclysmic to having legacy armors from past FTL’s. On top of being a Fireteam Leader King Remex as had huge part of our intelligence branch and actively helped us find double clanners, ddossers and other spys. At Shining Retribution CleanestNine69 awarded him the Ventorian Prime Medal that’s given to those who have shown great dedication and loyalty to S.O.R!

Thank you!

-The S.O.R High Council

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